Shooting Pascal

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I had the pleasure to do a photo shoot with Pascal, an old fellow student from kindergarten, primary and secondary school times. All he needed were some up-to-date portraits. He got that, along with some fun pictures… To me, it is always astonishing how a single person, branded as one specific character in your mind, can slip into a diverse set of roles. All it takes is some different light setups and some props: Clothing, contact lenses, a cigar, a toy gun… –┬áHave fun!

Pascal natural

Pascal, the way you would find him in real life…

It is easy to turn from a serious shot to a movie scene featuring a special agent:


Special Agent.

Now let’s go back some decades to the early 20th century:


Unaffected by the black friday crash. Only the shirt doesn’t work with that time…

Talking about cigars. How about lighting one up?


Smoking causes harm to the environment…

Other drugs are also photogenic:


Expert on rum.

History has shown that there is a strong link between drugs and arts…


The saxophonist.

Now let’s turn to some apocalyptic┬áTV series:


The walking dead…

Or that one:


Zombie Apocalypse…

While I can’t stand horror movies I’m a big fan on any ganster theme.


Not yet dangerous.

Let’s turn on the heat:


Don’t you dare f*** with me…

Thanks to Pascal joining in the fun!