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Rocks of Viñales

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Again I present some pictures of my latest trip to Cuba. About three hours to the west of Havana lies Viñales in the region of Pinar del Rio. This valley is not only known for hosting many of Cuba’s tobacco plantations (ever wondered where the leafs of your Cohiba or Romeo Y Julieta came from?). Viñales is also a place of natural beauty, the valley is surrounded by karst formations giving the hilly landscape a special edge. The following photographs were taken during a sunset stroll from the town of Viñales towards the Viñales National…read more

Men of Cuba

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Cuba is full of interesting faces. In this post I’d like to show you some of the men we met on the streets of Havana and Trinidad. While the younger generation of Cubans could blend in anywhere in a city in Southern Europe, the older people with their dignity and tanned faces would stick out. The first fellow is a street hawker in Habana Vieja. The paper rolls in his hands are not joints but little bags of peanuts. The second character of this series is a waiter in a…read more


Vintage Cars of Cuba

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for first impressions please scroll the gallery above the headline (not all pictures will repeat below) Travelling to Cuba feels like travelling time. And this is not only because of the decayed facades of colonial buildings, something that can still be found in various places of Latin America. The main reason is the large number of cars build in the 1950ies (and some even earlier) that roam Cuban streets. If I had to guess I would say that at my time of travelling (as of Spring 2014) around 20%-30% of…read more

Welcome to Daniel Masny’s Website

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I have done it again. I have chucked out the last version of this website, installed WordPress (yes, I admit, this is the first masny.eu without handmade, layout) and launched something new and fancy. Looking at my archive I estimate this to be the 11th relaunch (plus the original launch) of my website, not counting pet projects such as matatu.de or weirdviews.de. So welcome to masny.eu No 12. During its 15 years of existence former versions have dealt with various topics from fighter jets to holidays (hey, I was 15…read more