Going Wild in a Studio

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A few weeks ago, after a bottle of wine each, I was convinced by an ambitious amateur photographer to invest in studio lighting equipment. Now I’m looking for chances to make use of it, and learn how to interact both with the equipment and the models in front of it. As with any endeavour it is easiest to convince family, friends and fools to buy into it. In this case no fools were involved. The models of this set are Anika, a good friend of ours, and Yvonne, my wife.

The session was instructive, but it was also fun. I left the light setup mostly constant (Rembrand style: 45° from the front, slightly higher than the subject, and a hair light, 180° from the main flash) and hence my “how to adjust the light setup” learnings were limited. On the other hand, the technically most perfect image can be boring, and creativity is key. Creativity is generated best in a fun environment and here we were successful. In the following you will find quiet moments, fun shots and crazy shots wildly mixed. Don’t look for an agenda, it was all spontaneous! Thanks to Anika and Yvonne for joining in!

Let’s start with a set of of Yvonne going through a whole lot of emotions:

Looking cheeky.

Looking cheeky.

Looking grown-up

Shouting OMG!

Looking damn serious.

Having fun.

Having fun.

It’s getting wilder when using a standard hair dryer:

Hair dryer in action!

It’s getting windy!

The hair dryer effect

Let’s continue with Anika who didn’t shy away from being anything on a continuum from tough cookie to opera queen:


The cigar.

Delicate choice.

The Warrior II

The Warrior I

The Warrior I

And finally, I would like to honour Anika’s work as a photographer as she took shots of me. In my opinion it is good for any photo geek to change perspectives sometimes and play model. And while I’m still not sure whether I wanted to be the godfather, James Dean, Uncle Sam or Hardy Krüger that night, it was fun :)

I Want You

I Want You

At the bar.