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Rockabilly Zebra

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Swantje came up with the idea to have a rockabilly photo shoot and since she voluntered as a model and brought her zebra shirt, there was nothing that could possibly go wrong. Thanks, Swantje, for the effort  jhkgh


Architecture of Iran

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I once visited a castle in Canada. Or what was supposed to be a castle. It was an industrial entrepreneur’s family home in Victoria on Vancouver island, vaguely immitating the style of a Scottish castle. Even though it was built in the 19th century, it rather looked like made of plastic. And yet, while lacking any historic relevance, it was made a museum. The Canadian friend who was with us back then was in awe. We Europeans shook our heads. No offence, Canadians… Why am I telling the story? I’m…read more

Welcome to Daniel Masny’s Website

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I have done it again. I have chucked out the last version of this website, installed WordPress (yes, I admit, this is the first masny.eu without handmade, layout) and launched something new and fancy. Looking at my archive I estimate this to be the 11th relaunch (plus the original launch) of my website, not counting pet projects such as matatu.de or weirdviews.de. So welcome to masny.eu No 12. During its 15 years of existence former versions have dealt with various topics from fighter jets to holidays (hey, I was 15…read more